What do PAL Ambassadors do?

1. Agree to be a PAL; a more predictable, alert, lawful road user.
2. Come to PAL block parties to promote our messages, get creative, and get interactive at intersections.
3. Join free PAL pizza nights to hang out, brainstorm, and prepare for our next event.
4. Or, PAL around with our coordinator and bike around town with our bike billboard.


Click here to check out BikeArlington’s handy resources on what it means to be a PAL in our roadways. Tipsheets, videos, and infographics!



Click here to join our Facebook group; the best way to find out about events, get in on our discussions, and share your PAL ideas.

WABA-Logo-White-TransparentClick here to learn about WABA, the region’s member-supported bike advocacy and education non-profit and PAL coordinator!